The Fundamentals of Sleep

The need for sleep is biological, therefore it is vital for our growth and development that we put sleep first.  Children need sleep and lots of it.  They need to be able to learn how to fall asleep on their own, fall asleep quickly and sleep well at night.

If your child’s sleep pattern causes a problems, for you then they have a sleep problem.  You may not even recognise that what they are doing is a problem.  Don’t despair! Together we can diagnose and fix these sleep problems, and the solutions can be as simple as making changes to their sleep environment or require a bit more training like to help break a rocking to sleep association.

Contrary to belief, sleep training, does not mean lots of crying.  My sleep training packages teach you the key ingredients for sleep, encourage healthy but flexible bedtime rituals, and also help you understand why you are making these changes that are crucial for optimising sleep.

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