About me

I am a certified Baby Sleep Consultant having done my training though babysleepconsultanttraining.com. Formerly a registered nurse, I worked mainly in general practice and district nursing.  I have grown up in Auckland, New Zealand.

I’ve always been passionate about babies and toddlers. I am married with three beautiful children, whose sleep I have always prioritised.  I totally understand how exhausting parenthood is but also how rewarding it can be when we feel at our best.  

I’m passionate about supporting other parents on the road to better sleep and have started this company in order to share this knowledge that I have acquired.

“there will be many times when you feel like you have failed , but in the eyes, heart and mind of your child, you are a super mum” anon

My Mission

Babies that do not sleep well are not failures, their parents are not failures, they are just new little people who have not yet learned how to put themselves to sleep.

The need for sleep is biological, and vital for growth and development, but we don’t always realise that the ability to sleep is a learned skill.  All babies and children can learn it, and all parents can learn how to teach them.

My mission is to teach you how to teach them.  In order to help you all get a better nights sleep.

Whilst I can’t promise no tears, I can promise to teach your child how to fall asleep on their own by using varying gentle sleep training methods and techniques based on scientific research.  There are a range of sleep solution packages to choose from, so that when we work together to solve your sleep challenges, I endeavor to find a technique or solution that suits you and your child, with no judgement or discrimination.

Given how common sleep problems are, I want to offer practical help, with step by step changes to build better routines and overall a better night sleep so your child can develop sleep independence.

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