I’m passionate about supporting other parents on the road to better sleep.

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Personalised sleep plans

Baby Slumber Solutions designs personalised sleep plans to help solve all your baby and toddler sleep troubles.  With international certification, my techniques are gentle, holistic and based on scientific research.  I am passionate about empowering families to take steps towards teaching healthy sleep habits. 

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Getting a good night’s sleep could be as little as three nights away, so get in touch today for a free, no obligation 15 minute consultation. In order to put a comprehensive plan in place, I need to have a clear picture of the problem you are having, your current routine, baby’s diet and what you are doing at the moment to get baby to sleep.

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About me

I am a certified Baby Sleep Consultant having done my training though babysleepconsultanttraining.com. Formerly a registered nurse, I worked mainly in general practice and district nursing.  I have grown up in Auckland, New Zealand. I have always been passionate about babies and toddlers.  I am married with  three beautiful children, whose sleep I have always prioritised.  I totally understand how exhausting parenthood is but also how rewarding it can be when we feel at our best, that’s why I started Baby Slumber Solutions!

What Baby Slumber Solutions can do for you

  • Newborn packages
    All you need to know for those crucial first months .
    Ideal as a baby shower gift
    A PDF emailed to you
  • Tailored online sleep plans
    PDF files and a plan tailored to your child
  • In-home consultations
    Tailored sleep plan specific to your child + a 2 hour home consultation
  • Evening in-home consultations
    Tailored sleep plan specific to your child + a 3 hour home consultation, in the evening to tackle witching hour battles!.
  • Coffee group talk
    Gather a group of friends together and share the cost, in the comfort of your own home. Generalised and age specific topics.
  • Nanny, Au Pair, and group talks
    A two hour talk for nannies, Au Pairs, or ECE teachers wanting to upskill your knowledge of baby and toddlers sleep.
  • Gift certificates
    Purchase a gift certificate for a sleep deprived friend.

The fundamentals of sleep

The need for sleep is biological, therefore it is vital for our growth and development that we put sleep first.  Children need sleep and lots of it.  They need to be able to learn how to fall asleep on their own, fall asleep quickly and sleep well at night. If your child’s sleep pattern causes a problem for you then they have a sleep problem.  Don’t worry, contrary to popular belief, sleep training does not means lots of crying, and Baby Slumber Solutions can help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t know where to begin? Dont worry! Sleep training is merely the process of helping a baby learn to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

Check out the FAQ to find answers to answers to the big questions.



Anna Mulloy
Director/Certified Sleep Consultant
Anna Mulloy Baby Sleep Consultant Limited
Email: anna@babyslumbersolutions.co.nz or click here to make an enquiry online
Phone: 021 464 123

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